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Trouble with mice?  Rats on the brain?  Cockroaches in your bed?  Ants in your pantry?

I know you’ve thought about blasting those little fuckers with poison, but hold on for a second… Pardner…  put down the poison gun for a minute and wise up.  There’s a new critter wrangler in town.

Let’s talk…

Riddex is a plugin device that eliminates pests in your home.  It plugs into your home’s electrical outlet and uses the wiring in your home to act as an invisible force field to keep the pests out.  But does it really work like we’ve all seen on the television commercial?

This is a review that I’ve put together for anyone who might want to learn more.  I have also included some customer’s reviews for Riddex on this page to save you some time.  However, I understand that most of you want to go to the official website to read the reviews…

What Customers Are Saying:

I’ve done a fair amount of research just by using the Internet.  It still took me a few hours, but I have gathered up a good sized list of what people are saying about this pest device.  And just so you know, I did see one complaint about the device, but I think that the guy was just having trouble – user error.  Here is a recap of what I’ve seen customers saying about it:

  • A few people have flat out said that the device works really well.  They’ve put it in their houses with mice and in a couple of days the mice disappeared.  Apparently what is happening is the device is making the pests so uncomfortable that they have no choice but to leave.
  • Another person stated that it got rid of roaches in about two days.  And this is a person living in New York where these problems seem to be pretty bad – mice and roaches that is.
  • And lots of little reviews saying that they basically plugged it in and the pests were gone in a short amount of time.
  • (Read What Customers Have To Say)

When I first saw the commercial for this device, I thought it was going to have some crazy harmful effects.  I have kids and the last thing I want is side effects.  Now can you see what I’m talking about?  Well anyways, I did some research and this is what I found out…

The device uses something called a Digital Pulse technology.  All this really means is that it can send some sort of signal through your home wiring.  I also checked and it doesn’t interfere with anything at all.

Another good question because when you’re searching for a way to get rid of pests, we need to know all of our options.  For me, I was really opposed to having someone come in and spray chemicals.  For one, we don’t have a place to stay while they would be doing the heavy duty spraying,  Two, we have two little ones and I’ve heard some pretty bad horror stories about those chemicals.  And then there is the talk about cost.  The quotes I was getting from my neighbor who is an exterminator were pretty outrageous.  I can only imagine what it would cost to have someone who wasn’t cutting me deal do this.  Needless to say, I don’t think that spraying chemicals in my home is an option.

I’ve done some searching for the best deal on this product while I was doing research.  I also looked around locally and didn’t see any deals that compared with what I saw online.  The best deal that I have seen on this device would have to be on the Riddex website.

Here Are Some Additional Resources:

These are websites that might be decent places to get more information.  However, I do recommend that you go to the official website if you’re looking for any accurate information.  After all, this is the Internet and sometimes you get bad info.



4 thoughts on “Riddex Plus Gets Rid Of Pests

  1. I just saw a commercial for this on tv and ended up on this page. I’d also like to know if anyone has used this too.

  2. My neighbor got 2 of these because they have a decent sized house. And I should probably add that we have a lot of insects coming in from the field nearby. We are getting a lot of ants and other bugs, but they have said that since they started using the device that they don’t see them coming in anymore. I hope that answers your question. But I haven’t got one yet.

  3. Thanks for answering my question Cindy. I might get one in the next week or two. I wasn’t able to find them at any of the stores in my town so I will probably order on the Internet.

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