Riddex – Does Riddex Plus Really Work?

Does Riddex really work to keep pests out of your home?  If you’ve seen the commercial on TV, then you probably know that the device plugs into your wall outlet and is supposed to repel just about any type of pest.  However, a commercial wasn’t enough to convince me that it works.

Here Is Exactly How Riddex Plus Works

This is actually a really neat device.  It works by using the wiring in your home.  When you plug it into your wall outlet, you immediately send out a signal that safely acts as a repellent for anything from rats, mice, roaches, and other pests.

What you do is plug the device into a central location in your home and within about 7 days you should see results.  From then on, you keep the unit plugged in and the system will continually force out pests.

The best thing about it is that it doesn’t use expensive and harmful chemicals that might hurt your family.  Traditionally, home owners call up the exterminator and aside from forking over an arm and a leg, they have their home pumped full of toxic chemicals.  The modern solution is now to use this product.  The system forces out the pests without killing them (no mess to clean up) and keeps them out.

Does It work? – Customer Testimonials

The thing I always look for when I want to know if something works are testimonials from customers.  I found these testimonials that are worth reading if you are considering this product.

“I’m a proud owner of… pest repellent plug-ins. They work great!”
Tim Smith, Sugarland, TX

“I have been using your product … for over three years now with the greatest success, especially here in Florida.”
Ms. Constance B. Moore, Wilwood, FL

“It did exactly what it said so I purchased two more for New York.”
Diane D. Tomaso, New York, NY

“I have used your … electronic pest repeller now for many years and I find it the only repellent that truly works.”
Sylvia Wheeler, Panama City, FL


Based on all the information I’ve looked at and the great customer testimonials, this product should work well if you are trying to get rid of mice, rats, roaches, and other pests.  The product has also been around for about 12 years, which builds a lot of trust with me.

Where to Buy Riddex Plus

I first looked at some local stores such as Wal-mart for it.  I was about to buy from a local store, but then I went on the Internet and found a better deal.  The official website has a buy one get one deal.

The manufacturer recommends 1 device per 2000 sq. ft.  So even if you don’t need the second device, you can always give it away to family.

Here is the deal that I’m talking about – Official Website